Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2018

Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2018 is just around the corner and we have a lot of exciting additions:

Aim to become a SUPER TEAM!

To reach SUPER TEAM status, your team needs to:

  1. Raise and collect at least $1,500 in donations.
  2. Submit all donations to Big Brothers Big Sisters one week prior to your Bowl for Kids’ Sake party.
  3. Find the SUPER TEAM form on the Bowl for Kids’ Sake website:

SUPER TEAMs receive

Food & Drink: One free pizza and one free pitcher (beer or soda) at your Bowl for Kids’ Sake party.
Attention: Special signs at your lane.

Say Cheese!: A framed group picture.

Super Fun: One certificate for a free team engagement experience (to be used on

another scheduled day/time).
Flaunt Your Fame: We’ll share, via social media, your team achievement – SUPER TEAM status!

Enjoy your very own VIP SECTION!

Perfect Game sponsors can enjoy their very own VIP section where up to six teams will receive special perks. Call Kathy at 269-382-6800 ext. 118 for details.

Dress to impress for the TEAM COSTUME CONTEST!

Add some fun to your bowling celebration: Enter the Team Costome Contest! This year, we have a theme: RETRO! So get your team together, let your creative juices flow and create the best RETRO costumes to ever grace a bowling center. Pictured here are just two costume ideas.

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