Big Family, Big Fun

In December 2017, Little Brother Noah received an early holiday gift: He met his Big Family, the Roussins. Meeting the Roussins for the first time was everything for which Noah and his grandmother were hoping. “From the first minute they met, it was just magic,” Tonia Watkins says.

Noah’s friendship with the Roussins – Big Sister Lisa, Big Brother Mike, and their daughters Grace, 5, and Ellie, 10 – has made him an even more positive child, Watkins says. “He’s always been positive but is even more so now.” And Noah always looks forward to seeing Lisa, Mike and their girls. “It doesn’t matter if they are hiking or having a pizza party, he’s happy just being with them.”

“They’re really fun,” Noah says about spending time with his Big Family.

They’re always happy.”

“Maybe because you keep us laughing, Noah!” Lisa says quickly.

When matched, Bigs agree to see their Littles at least twice a month but the Roussins exceed expectations by seeing Noah every week. The family has made their friendship with Noah a part of the fabric of their family life by including him in whatever they are doing. Regardless of what activity is on tap, Watkins is happy that by having a Big Family, Noah has a male and female role model. “They couldn’t be better.”

The benefits of the Big Family match aren’t limited to Noah, Lisa and Mike say. “Hanging out with Noah has made the girls more outgoing,” Mike says. In addition, Lisa says spending time with Noah “encourages us to do new things.”

Noah seems to agree that getting to know the Roussins’ daughters, Grace and Ellie, is a good thing. “They keep me company when I’m bored,” Noah says. However, he does have one concern. “The only thing that’s disturbing is that they have dolls.”

While going into the match Mike didn’t know what to expect, he is very happy with the result. “This is going way better than I ever could have imagined,” he says.

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