You’ve “been there, done that.” Your life is proof that often we become what we are because of our life experiences, not in spite of them.

You’ve learned valuable life lessons. Are you ready to share this hard-earned knowledge and experience with those who come after you?

They’re ready to learn from you.

Big Brothers Big Sisters’ 60 Mentors in 60 Days campaign seeks to pair adults with local children who are in need of a bit of extra guidance. You could be a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple, or Big Family.

You could be one of the 60.

With just two hours, twice a month, you can help a local child navigate the twists and turns of growing up. You’ll be a friend – not a parent – offering advice and leading by example.

You could take in a ball game… walk through the park… bake cookies… talk about the future… simply be there for a kid who needs you.

Now is the time for you to give back, to share your expertise with a local child.

Be one of the 60.

You'll be glad you did.